Move Out Checklist

The property you are leasing was inspected prior to your move-in and will be inspected upon your move-out. Discrepancies between the two inspections may affect your deposit. The following items are often overlooked and should be checked for proper operation and cleanliness prior to your departure.

Kitchen: Range and oven, knobs, drip pans, vent a hood, oven racks, oven and range lights, top of cabinets, dishwasher and disposal.

Bathrooms: Commode base, sink and tub drains, vanity bulbs, mirrors and cabinets.

Laundry Room: Floor, lights, dryer vent and drain box.

General cleaning of the property should include all light fixtures, ceiling fans, switch plates, baseboards and the interior of windows. Flooring should be swept and mopped and carpets should be professionally cleaned. If you hire a professional cleaning service you should oversee and inspect their work. All personal items should be removed from the property including the garage and storage areas and properly disposed of. You will be charged for disposal of any items left behind beyond your scheduled move-out date. When all move-out procedures have been completed you must turn your keys in with a forwarding address on or before your scheduled move-out date. Please supply applicable receipts from cleaning and pest control services to expedite your deposit disposition. Failure to do so may result in withholding of some or all of your security deposit. When we receive your keys we will do a final inspection and video of the property. From the date that we receive your keys, it may be up to thirty days before your deposit disposition is completed and mailed.

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